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22 March 2018

What is Saddle Stitching?

Nothing to do with horses or anything at all equine!

Saddle Stitched binding is an extremely popular method of binding booklets, magazines, catalogues etc. Why are they popular? Because customers know how economical they are to design, print and bind, but they are not actually stapled! You’d think that a booklet bound with 2 ‘staples’ down it spine is stapled wouldn’t you? Actually, they are ‘stitched’ using a spool of long metal wire, which is pushed through the sheet (just like when using a sewing machine) and the wire is then folded into something that is quite simply a staple.

There are many different kinds of equipment used to do saddle-stitched binding. They range from low volume machines (slow, manual) to high volume machines (fast). But the principle behind all of these machines is all the same. You can also emulate saddle-stitched binding with a long-neck stapler, but it is time-consuming and inconsistent.

How does the actual saddle-stitched binding work?

There are several parts of a saddle-stitch binding process, but what part of the saddle-stitch equipment actually does the binding? Well, to actually stitch to books together you need a stack of collated sheets, a saddle-stitch head and a reel of saddle-stitch wire.

What happens in the stitching unit of the saddle-stitch machine is the stack of collated sheets gets fed into the unit. The stack of sheets is ‘jogged’ (lined up- top, bottom and left to right) to make sure they are neatly stacked. Both saddle-stitch heads pull a bit of wire to pierce through the stack of paper. Then, both saddle-stitch heads descend—one end of the wire gets through, folded, cut, and the other end is pushed in. With this, the saddle-stitch bind is complete!

The booklet then goes for folding, and finally – cutting.

If you have a booklet, catalogue or magazine that you’d like saddle-stitched, get in touch with us here at Droitwich Print. We are always ready to help.


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