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29 September 2020

How to use signage to brand your business.

Getting your business noticed and in front of your target audience is a high priority for business owners, but how do you use signs to brand your business and increase sales?

Without a sign, your business is effectively invisible therefore by using signs in a creative and engaging way, you can attract customers to your business and differentiate yourself from competitors thus increasing sales.

Here are ways that you can use exterior and internal signage to brand your business:

1.Exterior Signs

Attract road and street traffic to your business through creative and interesting exterior signage. There are many variations of external signs that can be used to attract customers such as different shapes, lights, bold graphics or lights to really help your brand to stand out. 

If you are located on a business park, in a shopping centre or further away from the road then help your customers to find you by using signposts, arrows, directional signs and large branded signage attached to your building that can be seen from afar.

Use pavement signs to highlight services, product promotions and/or opening times. They can be two sided and have the ability to change your messages if required. These are especially useful when your shop or restaurant is positioned a bit further back from the main street.

Make sure you maintain your external signs to give that all important good impression of your brand.

2. Interior Sign

Indoor signs are used to advertise your products or services, so they need to be attention grabbing and consistent with your branding.

If you are selling products the interior signage needs to be creative and fun to create the attention of busy shoppers. Create exciting and eye-catching sales displays for your promotional products so they entice your customers to try the products. 

In an office your signs can not only help visitors to find the right department but also to compliment your internal branding. Proudly display your logo, mission statement, testimonials and motivational quotes or messages around the office to engage with your employees.

The importance of investing in signs

Investing in signs, whether they are internal or external, will enable your business to stand out from its competitors, be at the forefront of customers minds and attract new business. 

Signs can also help employees to feel more engaged and prouder of the environment in which they work.

Make sure that you keep them up-to-date and regularly maintained so they continue to create the right impression of your brand and provide the most relevant information.

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