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14 December 2020

Why branding your office is important.

First impressions count and branding your office can help to bolster sales. There are a variety of reasons why it is important to brand your office, here are our top 3:
1. As part of your décor – using brand colours, photographs and images as a part of your office décor helps to reinforce your brand to everyone. This not only gives your office a nice vibe it helps to remind people why they invest their time in your brand.
2. For your visitors – start from the outside in. Have your brand visible from the roadside and then as they enter the office share your history, tell them about all of your products and services on offer you can also share successes such as awards and accreditations.
3. For your employees – internal branding helps to align brand messages and engage employees, a good way to do this is to promote your values and mission.
Some ways for how to do this.
Through signs – both internal and external. These don’t have to be flat and boring; you can incorporate lots of colour and textures, even lights. A large sign can have a huge impact, especially when used externally to signpost where you are to your customers.
Put up some posters – People like to look and read visual things. High quality colour printing of your images, values and missions strategically placed around the office will encourage people to take notice and continually absorb the brand sub-consciously.
Use your exhibition pop-up posters – generally known to be useful for exhibitions but more recently they have been brought out of the packaging as backdrops for virtual meetings. When not in use for exhibitions and conferences, don’t put them away, use them to help to decorate your office.
Printing – reinforcing your branding through everything that you send out including invoices, stationery, leaflets and brochures that can be taken away by visitors. Display certificates that are important to a visitor making a purchasing decision or reinforcing the decision they have made.
Creating an office environment that consistently reinforces your brand and key messaging through print and design will ensure that all of your stakeholders are invested in your brand and what you have to offer them.
If you would like some help to design and brand your office, then please contact us and a member of the team would gladly come and have a look and offer advice and a quote.
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