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25 January 2021

Why Direct Mail is Increasing in Popularity in 2021

Direct mail possesses strong powers of engagement, one of the reasons for this is that it is tangible. Many people are becoming overwhelmed by technology, especially within the current pandemic situation.

During the pandemic and the number of lockdowns experienced, more people are at home therefore seeing things coming through the door and having more time to actually engage with them. Direct Mail has been recorded as hanging around far longer than ever before, recent Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMAIL) figures suggest this to be an average of 28 days, thus delivering long-term engagement.

According to Royal Mail Market Research, 70% of respondents said that direct mail makes them feel valued.

What about younger audiences?

JICMAIL show that the Gen X audience is 40% more likely to claim that mail changed their mind about a brand than the average adult.

For Gen X, combining online marketing with direct mail is a way to create authentic social communications.

Using traditional direct mail alongside digital mail has given the direct mail channel a new lease of life, increasing engagement and maximising conversions.

Making it work.

Direct Mail is a great method for small businesses to attract new customers, however getting the target audience right is the key to success.

You also need to get your messaging and call to action right for your mailshot to be successful, as well as to ensure the design is easy to read and attractive. The quality of the printing and materials used will also be key to engagement and keeping the attention it deserves.

Printing mailshots does not have to be a cost-effective method to reach your target audience in a tangible way. There are many options available to keeping to your budget, whilst still getting your message across and creating brand awareness and sales.

Are you ready to start your direct mail campaign? Get in touch with our printing specialists for help in bringing your idea to life to send out to your audience.

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