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23 March 2021

Get print-ready with these ideas to market your business in person post lockdown.

It is safe to say that many of us are now craving some form of human interaction. We are becoming exhausted by the online world of virtual meetings, expos, networking and communication.

When the lockdown restrictions begin to lift, there will be the opportunity to physically see people to talk about your business and the services that you offer. Having something physical to leave with them to remind them about your meeting and what you are offering will be a sensible option.

With people still mostly working at home, they have more time to read a brochure and flyer. Printed marketing materials are now also more likely to remain in the home or office for much longer.

Remind customers that you are still here.

So, what can you do to start preparing for your business re-opening, and what are the most beneficial printed materials to remind people of your offering and build brand awareness?


Brochures are a great way to showcase your products or service, they hold lots of information and you can include some great photographs and infographics, which when printed using high quality paper and printers look incredible.

Even in today’s virtual world, a brochure is still highly effective in getting your company seen. People use them to collect information, review at a later date, make decisions and show other people what they are buying or where they are booking a venue for a special occasion.

The best news is that they are not as expensive as you might think, printing in bulk can keep the cost per brochure down. You also have control over the price due to the wide choice of paper and finish options you have.


A great way to build brand awareness. Flyers are useful for advertising a promotion or special event, or just to tell people about what you do. 

According to industry studies, 48% of consumers respond to leaflet ads while 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to someone, glance over the contents of the flyer. To track success, you can add a special offer with a unique code on the flyer or ask to see the flyer on booking or purchase. 

Flyers can be distributed through a distribution service to reach a much larger audience, you can also segment on many different attributes such as location, postcode, income level and sector.


Menus are forever evolving, especially with the current Covid 19 situation and limited eating in menus and now more take away options also being offered. Restaurants and cafes will be adapting and updating their menus ready for reopening to the public again. 

Have your menus ready to go in advance. You can send it to us and when the announcement is made, we will then print your menus and have them ready for your open day.

With the hospitality sector re-opening its doors in due course we will be once again printing our Eezi Wipe Menus. We are not yet out of the woods and maintaining social distancing, the wearing of masks and keeping touch to a minimum is set to continue. These menus are designed to be cleaned with disinfectant therefore keeping your customers and employees safer from the threat of transmission.

These are also excellent choices for hairdressers and beauty salons. For more information on our Eezi Wipe Menus please visit >> here. 

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