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Table Top Banner Stand
02 December 2021

Five ways to create impact for a small space with a table top banner stand.

Just because you have a small space, does not have to mean that you forego marketing your business or showcasing a promotion that you have on. You can easily promote your brand with eye-catching graphics and personal branding using a small table top pull-up banner stand.

The small pull-up banner stand is useful for table-top displays when you have limited space. It is an inexpensive way for small businesses to promote a special offer or use whilst on video calls when space is limited behind you or you don’t have a dedicated home office.

Even though this is smaller than a normal banner stand it is still important to make an impact. Regardless of size, make certain that it is clear and easy to read, have your logo at the top, use high-quality images and ensure that you use your brand colours and font style for consistency.

Here are five great ways to use a table top banner stand:

  1. Home Office

With many of us still working from home, which looks like it is set to continue, branding your workspace will be useful, especially when on video calls with external clients and suppliers. Because of its size and ability to put it away easily, it is also a good way for you to turn your home office from a work setting back into a home!

  1. Point of Sale

When you have a promotion or special offer that you want to bring attention to this is the perfect size to place next to your till or on your reception desk. It would be great for beauty or hair salons, gift shops, boutique shops, restaurants, cafes or hotels.

  1. Table-top Exhibitions

Increase awareness of your brand, product or service at events. Great for a temporary table-top promotional graphic stand, this small, lightweight and easy to transport pull-up poster is the product you need to promote your business on the go.

  1. Giving a talk or presentation

Show people who you are and what you do with a personalised branding graphic that you can place next to or in front of you whilst you make your presentation. It can stay up long after your presentation is completed as a reminder about you and your brand.

  1. Pop Up Events

With the rise of pop-up events, restaurants and shops a small table-top banner stand that is easily transportable will be your best friend. Move it around from site to site with ease and because it is compact, it will fit into the smallest of spaces where your pop-up event is being held.

If you would like to invest in a table top banner stand, please get in touch for a quote.

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