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08 February 2022

What are the benefits of wearing a company uniform?

Do you ever feel like you would prefer to have a company uniform rather than think about what to wear to work every day?

Uniforms are not just for schools; at Droitwich Sign and Print Co. we wear a company uniform as it embraces our team spirit and helps customers to identify us. They are a good idea with many benefits for both employee and the business.

We have come up with five reasons why wearing a uniform is important.


  1. As free advertising, a well-designed employee uniform can promote the business regardless of where the person wearing it is, they could be doing some shopping after work or greeting customers as they arrive at the office. Branded clothing is also useful at trade shows and exhibitions to promote and identify exhibitors. Using caps and t-shirts with the company logo on them as corporate giveaways is a great way to encourage wider advertising for your business.


  1. Increase brand awareness and boost customer trust – a consistent brand image that includes uniforms helps your business to be easily recognised. It represents the company standards, so choose good quality clothing that enhances your brand image. The more often your company logo is seen, it increases the chances that customers will begin to recall your brand with confidence.


  1. Promotes company pride – uniform is a great way to foster team building with everyone wearing the same and feeling part of the team, it can also help staff to feel like they are working for a reputable company. They are also more likely to take better care of their image when wearing a company uniform with pride.


  1. Improves customer service – have you ever been to a shop or restaurant and can’t find anyone to help you? If they were to wear a uniform, then you would be able to easily identify someone that works there in a crowd. They also portray a professional appearance, which gives more confidence when a customer is asking for help or advice.


  1. Employee benefit – A company uniform saves on buying your own clothes and you don’t have to think too hard about what to wear each day! They can also pose a safety initiative for industries that carry risk, hard wearing and high-visibility clothing ensures that the workforce are clearly seen and safe from potential accidents.


Introducing a company uniform, whether it is just for events or for everyday wear is a great way to boost staff motivation, helps keep staff safe, increases brand awareness and attracts new customers. It is often an inexpensive investment with huge returns. Have a look at how we can help you with your branded uniform here.

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