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PUR Bound Books
02 March 2022

Five Benefits of PUR Bound Books.

When you are producing a new book, journal, handbook, magazine or brochure, the content and design will be your first consideration. How you then print and bind your finished product is important for the impact you want to create for the reader as well as attracting people to buy and use it. There are several ways that you can print and bind your book or brochure, for a softcover book we look at the benefits of PUR bound books.

What are PUR bound books?

PUR binding is a type of adhesive binding used by printers and bookbinders to hold pages together, these are very similar to a paperback. It is a cost-effective and highly secure method of binding.

PUR binding uses polyurethane reactive (PUR), a strong and pliable glue. Although the glue is very strong, it does not interfere with printing ink, varnishes or coatings.

The difference between PUR and perfect binding

There is not much difference between PUR and perfect binding, they are very similar with the binding process essentially the same. The main difference is the adhesive that is used. Perfect binding uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives, as opposed to the polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives used in PUR binding.

Five Benefits of PUR Binding.

  1. The adhesive that is used for PUR is more secure, which makes it a better choice for regularly used products such as magazines, brochures and handbooks.
  2. The glue used offers greater flexibility and because of the strength of the adhesive used the books can be laid flat without coming away from the spine. It also offers a great solution for binding heavier paper types.
  3. PUR doesn’t require as much glue to hold the pages together, this gives a much neater spine with a square finish appearance.
  4. Unlike other adhesives, PUR’s structural integrity doesn’t deteriorate in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  5. PUR can adhere to more materials such as recycled paper, ink, varnish UV coated etc.


Uses for PUR bound books.

PUR binding method is perfect for large page count projects and books that need to withstand a lot of handling such as magazines, trade show brochures, product brochures, school yearbooks and employee handbooks.

When you need a high-quality binding method that offers both durability and flexibility then PUR Binding may be your choice. Get in touch for more information.


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