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Loose Leaf Employee handbook
21 March 2022

The benefits of printed employee handbooks

An employee handbook is used by organisations of all sizes to provide guidance and to communicate useful information about the company whilst helping to keep information transparent and consistent across the organisation.

The employee handbook is a way for all employees to have access to the same information and for employers to keep the standard information up to date, it also helps to reduce misunderstandings and minimise company disputes.

The types of things that can be included are:

  • The organisational structure
  • Company history
  • Company values
  • The vision and mission statements
  • Policies – such as maternity/paternity, sick leave and pay, holiday entitlement etc.
  • Company Practices
  • Working hours
  • Dress Code
  • Working hours, bank holidays, annual leave
  • Brand guidelines

Are employee handbooks necessary?

A staff handbook is not required by law, but they do offer many benefits such as helping to introduce new employees to the business and acting as a reference document to maintain existing employees’ knowledge. The handbook serves as a good reference document and gives employees a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the expectations from the business.

A comprehensive employee handbook also helps to keep everything that is communicated about and from the business consistent, regardless of the department or position.

The handbook needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains up-to-date. According to the FSB, if you refer to any statutory rates in the policies, for example, sick pay rates, then these will need reviewing in April and October each year.

How to make it look attractive and easy to read

An employee handbook is only as good as the paper it is printed on if everyone takes it on board and uses it. This is why it is important to ensure that it is written clearly, has relevant information that is easy to find and looks attractive to the user.

If it is difficult to use, then it will just get disregarded. The content layout of the handbook is important for ease of use and it needs to be written in language that everyone in the organisation can understand and relate to.

The handbook needs to be presented clearly and concisely, following the brand guidelines for colour, images, font, font size and spacing.

When you have spent so much time in creating your employee handbook, thought should go into how it will be printed to look good for a long time and be practical to use. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved:

  • PUR bound book – which is very much like a paperback. A PUR Bound book is printed in colour and features a heavier cover that is laminated. Its A5 format is easily storable, and the PUR binding is very strong and enables a ‘lay flat opening.
  • Loose Leaf – which is then contained in a customised Ring Binder. It includes a one-page divider, but it could include several. It is printed in black only. A benefit of the loose leaf approach is that it can be easily updated with additional or substitute material.

How can The Droitwich Sign and Print Co help?

Having printed many employee handbooks and manuals for all types and sizes of businesses over the years, we have the expertise and capabilities to offer practical advice on the design and structure of your employee handbook. If you are looking to create your employee handbook, please get in touch for advice and a quote.

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