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Brown and Fincher Retail External Signage
03 May 2022

Why external signage is important in retail.

Retail and shop external signage is the key to success, after all as the old saying goes ‘a business with no sign is a sign of no business.’ It forms a large part of your shop advertisement and needs to be clear, easily recognisable and seen from afar.

It is an exciting time designing your premises and launching your new retail business, telling people about it is fundamental to getting customers through the door and making it a success. You will probably be planning your marketing and spending money on advertising, using social media to build customer followers and possibly organising an opening event. All of this is a great way to market your new shop but if they can’t find you or don’t recognise your business, it will be wasted.

Your signage is used to display information to your customers about your business and products. It is not something that you should scrimp on, so make certain that you budget sufficiently for your external signage when setting up your shop premises.

Branding and signage

Considering your branding when designing the signage for your retail business will ensure that your business remains at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Creating a visual image is vital in an offline world and much easier to achieve with visual advertising.

Using your brand colours and font style is important to maintain a consistent marketing approach and ensure that your shop is easily recognisable whilst bridging the gap between digital and offline marketing.

Increase your competitive edge

Your retail shop is not just in competition with others who sell the same things as you but alternative shops where people can spend their money. Having a good-looking sign that is attractive and professional will attract customers and tempt them into your shop and away from your competitors.

Signs do not have to be standard and boring, there is so much that can be done to create bespoke custom signs that stand out and enhance the overall design of the retail shop. Using lighting can create a fantastic effect, especially for bars, restaurants and cafés or shops that open later in the evening. Flat lettering, block lettering, cut out, shadow effects – anything goes. Talk to your signage specialist to find out what can be achieved to bring your vision to life.

What are the rules for creating external signage?

As we have learnt, the external signs are important to create visual impact and attract customers but there are a few rules to follow when creating your external sign design so that it has the most effect:

  • Make sure it is legible
  • Use an easy to read font
  • Follow your brand colours
  • Don’t overcrowd the letters
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep the size sensible so it is easily seen but not excessively large
  • Consider any special effects such as lighting


External signage for a retail business is essential to attract footfall, entice customers to return, remain competitive and enhance your brand image. The Droitwich Sign and Print Co. have been designing, producing and fitting retail signs for over 50 years, get in touch to discuss your requirements.



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