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Leaflets and Flyers
07 June 2022

Are leaflets and flyers still valid in a digital world?

Marketing leaflets and flyers are often overlooked for more digital methods of advertising, they should not be considered old fashioned. Well-designed leaflets can have significant advantages as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Flyers and leaflets can have a huge impact when marketing your product or service and work well alongside other marketing activities such as events, conferences and exhibitions, and special promotions.

Used in harmony with digital marketing, leaflets and flyers are a great way to reach a wider targeted audience and as two-thirds of online searches are initiated by a printed item, leaflets and flyers are certainly worth looking into.

Immediate appeal

Leaflets and flyers can be instantly handed to prospective customers, something tangible to hold onto and refer back to instantly gives them the information and reminder about your business that they need.

A creative and well thought out design will be attractive and adding relevant information that is clear and concise with a clear call to action can receive enough attention for customers to want to go and find out more. Even a glance at a flyer as it is picked up from the door mat that has been properly branded can support a brand recognition campaign.

Leaflets can hold as much information, images and text as you want as you are not restricted to the size, word count or colour of an existing website design.

Targeted campaign

As a small local business, flyers are a fantastic way to reach a large customer audience cost-effectively by choosing specific targeted areas to send to. These can be sent out either where your office is based or where your ideal customers live. You can then extend your reach by targeting areas just beyond your initial target area.

Leaflets and flyers can also be distributed in publications that your ideal customer is interested in reading, which is highly targeted and cost-effective. Your design will also be exactly as you want it as it doesn’t need to be designed to fit onto a website page or clash with other website content on the page.

When at events instantly hand out more information about your products in a leaflet that customers can refer back to or pass on to others. Leaflets can hold a lot more relevant information that is easier to read than digital formats that often require you to scroll up and down and click on various pages to read more.

Measure Success

Although digital marketing can be easier and quicker to measure, you can add promotional codes and a special URL onto the flyers so that when orders are taken you can track both the URL and code to track success.

Test your design ideas by sending out small sample leaflets to smaller targeted areas first and see which one works best.

There are clear advantages to using flyers and leaflets, they are inexpensive to produce, you have the control over what information they hold and how they look and they work well alongside other marketing activities enhancing both your existing digital and offline marketing strategy.

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