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Eezi Wipe menus
04 November 2021

5 reasons why Waterproof Menus should be served in your restaurant.

When a customer enters your restaurant and starts their dining experience, they don’t want their first introduction of being handed something from you to be a shabby, dirty menu that has perhaps seen better days. Waterproof menus can combat this.

We all know that menus go through an incredibly tough life, they are picked up by many different people, sticky plates get placed on top of them, they get pulled from pillar to post, drawn on, drinks get spilt on them, and it is difficult to keep them looking nice and clean.

Laminating the menu is an option that can protect them from spillages and being ripped, but even the laminate has a shelf life and begins to show its age as the laminate starts to bubble and come away at the edges.

There is also the cleanliness aspect to consider, especially during the COVID pandemic where our senses are heightened to cleaning more and staying safe.

Thankfully there is a solution to the above. Eezi Wipe Menus are durable and waterproof menus that can be easily wiped clean. There are more benefits too, and here are five of them.

  1. Cost-effective.

Running a busy restaurant or café means that every spare moment counts, having to constantly replace wet, dirty or ripped menus is time-consuming and expensive. Laminating is an option but that can take time and is often more expensive, they also don’t last as long because they too can start to peel away and look unattractive. Using a waterproof, durable material that is also greaseproof and tear-free, can free up your time and resources of replacing menus.

  1. No more worrying about spills and sticky fingers.

Waterproof menus solve a multitude of problems.  A busy table with lots of people sitting around it will be a breeding ground for spills, stickiness and grease. These menus can be wiped dry if drinks get spilt on them and if a customer has sticky fingers, it will be easily washed or if something greasy is placed on top of the menu, it will not absorb the grease – keeping it looking bright and clean for far longer.

  1. Looks good for longer.

The Eezi Wipe Menus are tear-resistant, no more getting ripped when customers are arguing over looking at the menu or when it starts to get tired and rips naturally occur. Because it is not laminated you won’t see those awful dog ears on the edges of the menu, that incidentally can be a breeding ground for germs.

  1. Creates a great brand image.

The Eezi Wipe Menus have outstanding colour print quality so your branding and vibrant food images will stand out. They also have a high-quality look and feel to them adding value to the quality of your brand image.

  1. Easy to clean.

The menus can be easily wiped clean with a disinfectant that kills 99% of germs. They can be washed with hot soapy water and some say they can even be put into the dishwasher, but the jury is out on the one! Waterproof menus are becoming significantly attractive to the catering and hospitality industry.

Eezi Wipe Menus are available in a range of paper sizes, colours and thicknesses, find out more here.

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